New Design Vertical Chocolate Ball Mill Machine Chocolate Grinder Ball Mill From 150kg-1000kg

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Vertical chocolate ball mill is a special machine for fine grinding chocolate and its mixture.
Through the impact and friction between the material and the steel ball in the vertical cylinder, the material is finely ground to the required fineness.

  • Item No: LST-BM
  • Capacity: 150kg, 300kg, 500kg,1000kg
  • Dimensions:: Dimensions: 1000*1100*1900mm
  • Certification: CE
  • Customization: for 1 set
  • EXW Price: /
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    ●Product Introduction

    Comparing with refiner, ball mill has been improved with the advantages of low energy consumption, high productivity, low noise, super low metal content, easy to clean, one-touch operation, etc. In this way, it has shortened 8-10 times of milling time and saved 4-6 times of energy consumption. With leading advanced technology and imported accessories with original packing, equipment performance and products’ quality is guaranteed.

    LST ball mill is jointly developed by a group of technical personnel from different companies and uses special components processed by Chengdu military-civilian enterprises. At the same time, it has adopted the advantages of many horizontal ball mill such as German BUHLER, Naichi, and Lehman, and also cold and hot water internal circulation automatic temperature control system. Delta PLC and Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances. All these makes this ball-mill fully meet the international advanced level.


    1.Shot milling time
    2.Type of capacity can optional
    3.Imported configuration




    Model LST-BM150 LST-BM300 LST-BM500 LST-BM1000
    Capcity 150L 300L 500L 1000L
    Milling Time 3-5h 3-5h 3-5h 3-5h
    Motor Power 11KW 15KW 30KW 32KW
    Heating Power 6KW 6KW 9KW 12KW
    Weight of grinding ball 250KG 300KG 400KG 500KG
    Output Fineness 18-25 micron 18-25 micron 18-25 micron 18-25 micron
    Dimension 1000*1100*1900mm 1400*1200*2000mm 1400*1500*2350mm 1680*1680*2250mm
    Weight 1200KG 1600KG 1900KG 2500KG



    Flexible Layout


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