• What’s Dark Chocolate?And How to Make It?

    Dark chocolate generally refers to chocolate with a cocoa solid content between 35% and 100% and a milk content of less than 12%. The main ingredients of dark chocolate are cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar or sweetener. Dark chocolate is also the chocolate with the h...
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  • LST Get Back To Work 2023

    The Chinese New Year quietly left amidst the sound of fireworks and firecrackers. We also officially returned to work this week, and the work of each department is proceeding in an orderly manner. Today, I would like to recommend to you a fully automatic chocolate pouring line that can make choco...
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  • Happy New Year 2023! – Best wishes from all of LST

    Happy New Year 2023! – Best wishes from all of LST

    The New Year 2023 is coming! All of LAST sincerely hope our customers' chocolate business are better and family are healthy! Looking back on 2022, we have reached cooperation with more than 36 countries and completed the delivery of each project on schedule and with high...
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  • How do I start my own brand of chocolate?

    If you decide to start your own chocolate brand, you want to stay abreast of the ever-changing trends in the chocolate market and food industry. For example, educate yourself on new consumer taste preferences, industry trends and emerging technologies. But before making any decision, please under...
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  • What is cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa butter? Which should be used to make chocolate?

    In the ingredient list of chocolate, it generally contains: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder. The content of cocoa solids will be marked on the outer packaging of chocolate. The more cocoa solids content (including cocoa mass, cocoa powder and cocoa butter), the higher the beneficial in...
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  • When Chocolate Need Tempering

    Tempering is the final step in production and has a major impact on the final chocolate experience for consumers. Have you ever had a chocolate bar that was crumbly and had an opaque white film on the outside? Either the tempering wasn't done right or something was wrong...
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  • How to Refining Chocolate with Sugar,Milk, Lecithin, Surfactant, Fragrance?

    In pursuit of pure dark chocolate, you don’t need to add any auxiliary materials, even the most basic sugar, but this is the choice of the minority after all. In addition to cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cocoa powder, popular chocolate production also needs ingredients su...
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  • How to Make Chocolate From Bean to Bar

    The sun-dried cocoa beans are sent to the factory, officially starting its transformation journey... From bitter beans to delicious chocolate, a series of processing processes are required. According to the processing process, it can be roughly divided into 3 processes, ...
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  • How to Choose High Quality Chocolate Mold?

    LST melanger provide craft chocolate making in an professional new way. Can put cocoa nib, oil, sugar, powder, etc material into melanger directly, with a bit of patience, you will have great chocolate creations by your own recipes. Due to our structure, and the use of h...
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  • Amazing Chocolate Easter Eggs-Two Methods to Make it!

    Amazing Chocolate Easter Eggs-Two Methods to Make it!

    Christmas and Easter are just around the corner, and chocolate eggs of all kinds are popping up on the streets. How to make chocolate eggs with a machine? Two machines are available. 1. Chocolate shell machine Small machine, small product, easy to operate, but the thickness of the product is not ...
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  • How to Make Chocolate Cover Nuts

    How to Make Chocolate Cover Nuts

    How to make delicious chocolate covered nuts/dry Fruits? Just need a small machine! Chocolate/Powder/Sugar Coating Polishing Pan(Click here to see more detailed machine introduction)     We'll introduce the processes of use our coating pan to make it.  Loadin...
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  • Full auto jaffa cake production line-10 moulds/min(450mm molds)

    Full auto jaffa cake production line-10 moulds/min(450mm molds)

    jaffa cake receipt jaffa cake main production machine: chocolate depositor: cold press:   cake feeding machine: any interest please no hesitate to contact us:  
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