• LST Cereal Chocolate Moulding line in China

    Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in consumer habits, consumers’ taste are becoming more and more “high requirement”, they not only focus on the price, packaging and taste of candy and chocolate products, but also their demands for added value are increasingl...
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  • Ferrero Announces US$75 Million Investment in Bloomington Plant

    Update 4:20 PM | Bloomington will be the location of the first chocolate manufacturing center in the United States for an international confectioner. Ferrero North America announced plans to invest USD 75 million in its existing factory in Bech Road. The new factory, covering an area of ​​70,000 ...
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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Dark Chocolate Truffles

    Chocolate should be the gift of choice this holiday season, because chocolatiers report that pandemics have caused chocolate to overflow, especially those that cause nostalgia. What is unforgettable is that chocolate that inspires enthusiasm and positive memories is so popular in such difficult t...
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  • LST Chocolate Depositor

    M2D8O2 Model ONE-SHOT Depositor   M2D8O2 mini one-shot depositor is able to produce many different kinds of high quality chocolate candies,such as chocolate blocks, nuts mixing, center filling etc. and quantity of filling is up to 90% . It is mainly for small and medium production, customize...
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  • LST Chocolate Drop Depositor

    LST Chocolate Drop Depositor: 1.Apply open-close type quick depositor. Productivity is high. 2.Depositing speed is very high, cooling time is short. It is the ideal way of chocolate depositing for certain type of chocolate product. 3.Delta PLC, speed and product weight is controllable. www.lstch...
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  • Full auto chocolate moulfing line send to customer abroad

    Full auto chocolate moulfing line send to customer abroad
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  • Chocolate egg cold press machine delivery to customer from LST

          Chocolate egg production line send to customer
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  • Recipe: Jill Biden’s favorite cookie is large oatmeal with cranberries and chocolate

    Jill Biden’s favorites are chunks of oatmeal cookies, dried cranberries and chocolate chunks. Only 6 pounds of dough are placed on the baking sheet at a time (each ball is 1/4 cup), then they are flattened and baked until golden. The recipe comes from “Night with Giada: A Quick and Si...
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  • Dairy-free chocolate for vegan milk chocolate lovers

    If you are a vegan chocolate fanatic and need to satisfy your sweet tooth, then you are lucky. Compared with the dairy counterparts, there are too many vegan milk chocolate brands to choose from, and they are more creamy, sweet and friendly to animals. Milk with vegan chocolate is the product of ...
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  • Meet Cocoa Press, a Philadelphia start-up company that produces 3D chocolate printers

    Evan Weinstein, the founder of the Philadelphia startup Cocoa Press, is not a fan of sweets. The company produces a 3D printer for chocolate. But the young founder is fascinated by 3D printing technology and is looking for a way to promote the development of this technology. Weinstein said: ̶...
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  • This machine can make chocolate in three simple steps

    Baking enthusiasts will know that the key to obtaining perfect chocolate-covered food is the process of blending. Tempering is a method of heating and cooling chocolate to make it stable, so it can make the chocolate smooth and shiny. It also prevents the ingredients from melting quickly to your ...
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  • Americans are adding Halloween candies, whether they can deceive or treat

    Americans may not know whether this year will be popular due to the pandemic, but they buy a lot of Halloween candy while waiting to be discovered. According to market research firm IRI and the National Confectioners Association, in the month ended September 6, the sales of Halloween candy in the...
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